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The Lost Tarot

from original paintings by Dominic Murphy
54 (numbered 0 - 53) card pack of just the major arcana cards + the lost tarot occult cards from the misty past...
Strange Arcanas from the ancient legends of Atlantis
and the disturbed mind of Dominic Murphy.
Card size 64mm x 89mm

Translating the image

The Lost Tarot
Meanings and symbols.
It is important to point out that, in general, the skulls in these cards represent the Ego.

22. Alchemy: The lost knowledge that is eternally lost and found again. Search for purity and truth. The magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. Balance especially of the mind.
The Sun. (Male and Female) The baby is held
Gently by the squid and protected from chaos.

23. Hesperus:
The evening star. An outcome waiting to be discovered. Wisdom related to old age and maturity.
Planet Venus. Son of the dawn Goddess.
The fallen angel repents.

24. Necromancer:
Summoner of ancestors. From the past the future can be told.
Prophecy and divination.
Planet Mercury. Masculine.
The longing for lost loved ones.

25. The Elements:
Earth (growth), air (breath), fire (anger), water(flow). To identify the important ingredient.
To separate issues and emotions .Planet Earth.
(Female). Four skulls unite in perfect harmony.

26. Tempus:
Time and all things pertaining thereof.
Planet Moon.(Male). Mindfulness – be in the now. Life is short and each moment should be cherished.

27.  Rebirth:
A new start. An awakening. Realization.
The end of old ways. Planet Jupiter.
The moth seeks the heart of the light.

28.  Angel:
To rise above. To be guided by a mentor.
An intervention by fate.
Planet Moon.
A warning the devil maybe in disguise.

29. Secunda:
Carpe Dium. Seize the moment. The Now. Auspicious time. Without delay. Urgent.
(Male). The death of Icarus was of his own foolishness.

30. Ego:
The self. Awareness of one's own nature.
Can be an obstacle to circumnavigate or even destroy. Planet Mars. (Male). Empty your mind 
Like a child.

31. Vidamuerte: The perfect balance. 
Even-handedness a time of contemplation and reflection. To step back from a situation and weigh up the pros and cons. Birth and death
Rely on each other.
Planet Saturn.

32: Terramorte: Infertile ground needs to be 
left fallow for up to three years. Avoid a situation that is fruitless. Planet Pluto. The trees are dying
And this has a domino effect on the beasts of the forest.

33: Clematis: Time of travel and growth.
To climb out of darkness into light. 
Traveller's joy. The earth yawns and wakes for spring.
Planet Neptune.

34. Momento Mori: Remember death.
The awareness of one's mortality and to
Put things into perspective. (Female).
She mourns behind a veil for four years.

35. The void: Emptiness. But also
A place or time when anything can happen.
Endless opportunities. Gas clouds form out of
Nothing from them a whole universe can appear.
Planet The Sun. (Female).

36.Aequus. Equal, level, flat
Impartial. Favourable time.
Calmness after or before a storm.
Planet Venus. (female) Good and evil are 
Balanced here there can be no victor.

37. Inoctoserpents: Eternal eight
A time of great danger and change.
Thoughtfulness required. To tread carefully
So as not to repeat unwanted patterns.
Planet Mars (male). The snakes corrupt the
Mind not allowing clear thought.

38. Holy Grail. Auspicious card.
Great blessings. Reward for efforts.
Goals reached and profits made.
Planet Earth.(Female). Abundance in all things.

39. Lapis: The blue stone. Great wealth.
Overspending. Opulence and greed.
Avoid wastage. Planet Uranus.
The pelican nests in a skull. A dangerous place
To raise her young.

40. Dannazione. The damned. Wrong path.
Someone not to be trusted. Situation that bares
No fruit may even be cursed.
Planet Saturn. But the card shows the damned released from torment.

41. Oculus Dei: The Eye of god, all-seeing eye.
Nothing that is done is not seen. A time to be very open and honest.
Planet Mercury – The great architect sees right into the mind of the lesser architect.

42. Gnosis: Salvation through knowledge.
To seek a hidden truth with care and study.
Good Omen. Learning – reading- studying.
(female).The eagle looks back at yesterday and forward to tomorrow.

43. Kaplan: The Tiger and the tiger moon.
Entranced by the moon the tiger ignores present dangers. However his passion will overcome.
(Male) The tiger bites the blood moon into
A crescent!

44 L'Epidemie. Epidemic. May sound bad but not 
Necessarily – Something that will catch on and 
Spread widely. Fame and fortune can bring joy
But can also bring destruction. The plague doctor
Searches for a cure.

45. Dragon: Dragons in the Orient are associated with wisdom and longevity.  Possessing some form of magic or supernatural power. The east will be benevolent; The west malevolent. The Dragon removes the stars that threaten the moon.

46. Illuminati: Enlightenment. To become
Enlightened. Good and powerful omen.
Information that must be shared selectively.
Planet Saturn.(male). New life.

47. Lunamorte: The extinguished light of
The darkest night. Moon death represents
The loss of a guiding light but can also mean
The end of the night and the dawn of a new
Day. Planet Moon.

48. YHWH. Tetragrammaton the unspoken 
Name/s of God. Praise, exalt, give thanks,
Bless, love, teach, preach, anoint, assemble,
Believe, honor and call on his name. Yahweh!
Powerful Omen.

49. Simius: the Monkey. The Playful card.
A good time for grouping together. Sociable
And caring. Friends are needed here. Watch out
For trickery though the monkey is a master thief!
Planet Mercury.(male). The monkey plays with the mind.

50. Manu Dei. The Hand of God. A time to stand
Back and allow fate to intervene. Actions now will not change the future . An excellent time to
Refer to your holy books. Meditation is the key here.
Planet Neptune. 

51. Ora : The Hour. The time has come or
Is very near. A good omen for attack, business,
Action or marriage. Do not miss this opportunity.
The Earth. (female) One thought leads to another.

52 Bhas An Bhais: death of death. Can be ominous but also represents eternal life where
There is no more death. A very ambiguous card
Tread carefully. Collision of minds.

53. Heilig: Holy. The lion has the key and fortune
Favours the brave. There is danger but there is no fear. Planet Mars. (Male) warrior card. The 
Answers are in plain sight.

The tarot that can be told
is not the eternal Tarot
The name that can be named
is not the eternal Name.

The Tarot is like a well:
used but never used up.
It is like the eternal void:
filled with infinite possibilities.


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